Late Rent - No personal checks will be accepted on any account over 30 days late. Only cash, credit cards, money orders or cashier's checks will be accepted.

Move out notice - In general, as indicated in the contract, tenant is expected to give 7 day move out notice in writing before rent is due. The tenant is required to fill out the move out notice form, provide a forwarding address, phone number, reason for leaving and date they expect to vacate. They must agree to a time for inspection of the unit. They must agree to sweep the unit before returning the unit back to us.

RV Storage - 1995 and newer recreational vehicle only. All RV's are subject to inspection. No broken windows or damage to RV is allowed. No loose pieces are allowed. Tires must be in good shape. No obvious damage is allowed. Owner must show proof of ownership (registration, insurance or bill of sale) before contract will be accepted.

Storing Vehicles -Vehicle storage is only allowed inside a storage unit. No open lot or outside storage is allowed for vehicles. Customer storing a vehicle in a storage unit must sign and complete the automobile storage agreement form. They must show proof of ownership (i.e. registration, insurance, or bill of sale) before the contract will be accepted. All vehicles stored inside a storage unit must be empty of gasoline and customer must provide a drip pan in case of any oil leakage. Customer must show proof of the drip pan within two days of rental agreement.