Storage Tips

  • Use large boxes for light items and smaller boxes for heavier items.
  • Small boxes are suggested for books, which should be packed flat to protect their spines.Utilize large items for extra storage space.
  • Refrigerators, freezers and washers are perfect for storing soft items such as linens, towels & clothing.
  • Wrap dishes and glassware individually, and pad the box with packing paper or bubble wrap. It's best to store plates on their sides.
  • Take special care when packing mirrors, windows and screens. Mirror packs or strong cardboard help prevent damage.
  • Place tarps or plastic sheets on the floor of your unit before storing any items. Allow for proper ventilation by not packing items right up against the walls. This is especially important in humid climates.
  • Leave access space in front of your unit, and keep your frequently used items where you can easily reach them. The two things people most frequently return for are clothes and files; we recommend you label these things and keep them towards the front of your unit.
  • Stacking uniform size boxes helps maximize your available space. Don't stack higher than you can comfortably reach.
  • Store high value items toward the back of your storage unit in unmarked boxes.
  • Protect furniture, including mattresses and box springs, with plastic covers, and stand on end.